About Dustin Hahn

Early Life

Dustin Hahn was born in the city of Leduc in Edmonton, Canada. From an early age Dustin wasPhoto of Dustin Hahn

surrounded by enterprising people. His father owned a motorcycle shop, and this first experience in business and enterprise shaped how he viewed his own life. This experience also taught him that with business he could have the freedom to creatively construct his own life, achieve the goals he had set for himself and have the time to continually pursue the other aspects of his life where he found joy. Dustin made the decision to align his interest in business with his skill in getting the job done.  Drawn to the outdoors and a longing for coastal living, graduating from high school, Dustin moved to California to be closer to the beach and begin his journey in business.

Journey to Entrepreneurship

Like many entrepreneurs, the journey to success is paved with trial, error and quickly learning to overcome challenges without dwelling on setbacks. Garnering business experience in the cosmetics, music and oil industries, Dustin ended his last business venture at age 20, and decided to invest in and pursue a career in real estate. At the time, buying tax liens and deeds seemed like a good way to increase his earning power, and Dustin became proactive about learning the ins, outs and hidden sales techniques of the industry to make sure he was well informed. Learning to also build websites, Dustin integrated his knowledge of tax liens and deeds sales techniques onto an online platform where people could gain access to the valuable information he had acquired. The years spent learning and working in real estate investing, in addition to his online platform, will eventually set him up as an authoritative leader in providing information on real estate investing to professionals in the industry. Dustin went on to speak at colleges and various seminars around the country, mentoring and providing information on real estate investing, and the tax liens and tax deeds niche.

Dustin Hahn International

Today, Dustin Hahn International is a top competitor in the tax liens and tax deeds industry in the United States of America. The internet based company provides authoritative information on real estate investing through a wide range of media.

With more than 22 countries under his belt, Dustin continues to travel around the world and he has not halted his love for the outdoors and extreme sports.